The Bridge of the Americas

Whether you are looking for a little weekend experience or a week-long vacation, Panama is the destination that can offer you this and much more. This incredible country has a lot to offer aside from its renowned natural beauty.

Located in Central America, this gem borders the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean with equally impressive neighbors; Costa Rica and Colombia. It links Central and South America playing an essential role in global trade and politics. The country’s natural beauty is marked by the rainforest that covers it almost entirely. 

As par my friend who visited this place many times and who is a travel lover. It has excellent bio-diversity and is home to several islands on the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts. The country’s capital Panama City is home to incredible cuisine that will leave your mouth bursting with flavor. Moreover, there is plenty of music and art all over the town. 

A Vibrant Culture

This is the melting point of Spanish, Afro Caribbean, and indigenous cultures. This is happy thanks to where it is located, it is a country of crossroads. When visiting Panama, the first thing you will see is the pollera. This is the country’s national dress made of one large white skirt adorned with colorful flowers. 

Their national dress is almost an accurate representation of what the culture is all about. It is vibrant, colorful, and welcoming. Another part of Panama culture that you should indulge in is the music. This exciting blend of salsa, cumbia, and conga creates a rich and vibrant music scene present in the nightlife. You will never stop dancing. 

An Ocean and a Sea in One Vacation

You will be truly spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring beaches and large bodies of water. Thanks to its pristine location, you can enjoy what both the ocean and the sea has to offer. Often, it is something peaceful and entertaining. Spend your mornings on the Pacific beaches, where there are all-inclusive resorts, pristine golf courses, and fun surf spots. The Caribbean, on the other hand, is best enjoyed in the late afternoons. Bocas Del Toro and San Blas have crystalline waters, exotic flora, beautiful fauna, and rich cultural heritage. 

Unforgettable Wildlife

One of the most diverse wildlife scenes in Central America belongs to Panama. It is even more varied than Costa Rica’s. Darien National Park is the largest park in Panama and has bio-diverse spots, unlike anything you have ever seen.

You can see 169 species of different types of animals, including Panama’s national bird, the Harpy Eagle. You can also see yellow tree frogs, spider monkeys, tapirs, and so much more. 

Mild Climate All Year Long

The temperatures here are quite favorable all year round. The tropical climate has little humidity, with temperatures being lower on the Pacific coast than the Caribbean. This variation keeps it free from hurricanes, and you can enjoy the mild climate for the whole year. Peacefully sunbathing on either of these coasts is the perfect way to unwind and get the most out of your vacation time.